Hey there!

You've reached Will's temporary website. Why is it temporary, you might ask? Where did the old website go, you might ask?

Well, dear reader, let me regail you with the fantastic tale of my website...
Just kidding, it's not really much of a tale. My hosting provider did some kind of update, and my ancient Drupal installation is now broken. Kaput. Sayonara. Utterly and totally dead.
So if you'd like to read my old blog, you're outta luck for now! You'll have to hang tight until I can get it back online. The website was in need of an update anyway (who uses Flash banners anymore, right?), and I'm going to take the opportunity to migrate to WordPress, hopefully without losing my old content along the way.

You can still follow me at untiedgames.com, my business website. Come on over, we've got games and pixel art!

Last updated September 1, 2017