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New art and updates

First of all, I have a new piece of artwork!
It's a dark, stylized piece that has a really unique look.

"Energy Fibers"

Check out the full resolution here. Read more »

Updated header

I got bored today and updated the header.
It's got more pictures, and cool effects when you mouse over the buttons! Now I should get back to work on my thesis...


Well, after a bit of a struggle, RSS is enabled again. See that nice shiny orange icon in the upper right on the front page? You can use that to subscribe to the FreedWill RSS feed! If you're using Rockmelt like I am, you can even add it to your browser sidebar! (Get it at, it's an awesome browser for those of you who have a bajillion RSS feeds like I do!)
Naturally, it's compatible with any sort of feed-reading program out there. Subscribe and get your FreedWill updates right when they're posted!

So ridiculously BUSY

So, I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to work on my games or on my website as much as I'd like to. Read more »

Galaxy Globe

I've been in the "art zone" lately!
This is one that I put a lot of time and effort into. I wanted to make an object that looked futuristic, but that also looked like something that you would have on your desk. I wanted to make it with a different background, but the futuristic brushed metal setting worked well.

Galaxy Globe
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What's On Tap: December

December's going to be a busy month for me. Not only do I have finals coming up, but I also have to work on my thesis! Not to mention, my thesis proposal...

Anyway, here's what you can look forward to from me during December!

  • Revealing the three(!) games I'm working on
  • RSS, Facebook integration + a few layout cleanups
  • Screenshots!
  • The official opening of the Games section
  • Cleanup of Photo section. It needs more... professional-looking pictures.
  • Something interesting in the Etc section... Maybe some things related to my study of Japanese! (日本語が大好き!)

Singularity Pyramid

Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful for this new abstract artwork for today!

Singularity Pyramid

Each level of the Singularity rises to form a pyramid like none other.

Check out the full version here.

Something New

Hi everyone! It's been a while. I'm currently at work on a game that I hope to finish soon. I'll be posting screenshots in the coming months and I'll be revealing more information gradually, so check back soon!

I can give this information out so far:
-Target platform: PC, Steam
-It's a 2D dual-stick shooter with overhead perspective (It will be playable without a controller by using WASD and the mouse.)
-The graphics look very pretty
-There will be a story mode
-Variety of different level types
-Customize your ship with different weapons, chassis, and more! Read more »

New wallpapers!

I have two new wallpapers up in the photo manipulation category. Enjoy!

Nikko Bridge

Forest Nocturne
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Nikko Field Trip

Over the weekend we went on a field trip to Nikko, a tourist town in the mountains. We left on Sunday morning and returned on Monday evening. We stayed in a nice place called Nikko Park Lodge. The train ride was really long! It was my first time riding a rapid train. It skips all the normal stops and only stops at major stations. It's really difficult to keep your balance, because the train rocks back and forth quickly sometimes. I wouldn't recommend using the train's bathroom! Read more »