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(You can find all the pictures for this post at the bottom. There are lots, and the layout got kind of weird.)

The last couple weeks were busy again, but fun. It's midterm, so we have a lot of due dates for papers coming up in the next week, so I'll be busy again this week. I bought the first two music CDs I've ever bought: Final Fantasy VI Piano Collection and Chiptuned Rockman. I took a nice walk after it rained last night while listening to the FFVI music and I ended up going in a big circle without realizing it. Read more »

Busy, busy, busy

I've been really busy lately! Yesterday we were surprised to find out that we had an extra class tonight at 6:00, to which we had to bring food, preferably American. So tonight I went out to Akafudado, the local supermarket, and bought some eggs, teriyaki chicken, sliced cheese, and butter. I wish they had non-stick cooking spray here, but none of the Japanese students have heard of it. I hate scrubbing the pan after I make eggs. I made scrambled eggs with teriyaki chicken and cheese out of my ingredients. It took a while to make though, so I was a little late to class. Read more »

Typhoon Holiday

Today is a surprise holiday for us due to the typhoon that moved through Japan!
There wasn't any damage, but the rain was enough to slow the subway system. Since most of the students at BGU commute via the subway, we got the day off. It rained a lot this morning and the rest of the day was quite windy.

After the rain stopped, I went with two of my friends to the local anime/figurine store and looked around a bit before buying a couple little figurines.
I also tried Osu!, a rhythm game that you use the mouse to play. I'm no good at it, so I think I'll stick with Stepmania.

Tokyo Game Show 2009

Over the weekend I got the chance to attend Tokyo Game Show 2009 twice!
A couple of my friends and I were able to volunteer on one of the TGS business days, which is a rare opportunity. We put Criware Mobile stickers on toy clappers, set up the "gift bags" for guests, and served drinks. Afterward, we were able to explore the floor as well as the presentation area. The speeches were all fantastic, and the games that were presented look really creative. When the speeches were finished, we all got together for a picture on the stage with some of the developers who presented their games. Read more »

Sumo, Shrine Festival, and Square Enix

Last week we went to a large arena to watch sumo wrestlers battle each other!
I got lots of amazing pictures, which I'll put online tomorrow. Although we were in the nosebleed section, the seats were comfortable and we were able to see all the action. I would much rather be up in the balcony than down by the arena. During one of the fights both of the wrestlers fell out of the ring and into the lap of some old guy sitting by the ring. It must have been quite a shock, as he began fanning himself intensely. Read more »


My homestay last weekend was so fun!
I stayed with Mei Fujiu and her family for four days.

Mei picked me up at the dorm and we left for the subway with Pheng and Marie, another homestay pair. We got off and had takoyaki (octopus). It was really hot!
Next we went to a beautiful park. I still had my luggage, so I felt kind of silly wheeling it around in the park. Read more »

Karuizawa Trip

Two days ago we prepared to go for a long weekend trip to Karuizawa, a rural vacation area. We went on lots of excursions and got to explore a lot. During the night we played card games and board games. Some played drinking games as well, but that's not my cup of tea.

First we visited a waterfall, but it wasn't an ordinary waterfall. This one was really short and wide instead of tall. I didn't touch the water, but my friends told me it was very warm. This is caused by volcanic activity. Read more »


I just got back from Harajuku and Akihabara. We found a guy selling New York-style hot dogs, so we got some. They were amazing! They had sauce, toppings, bacon... everything you could wish for on a hot dog.

At Akihabara my friend and I both got Nintendo DS Lites. The Lites aren't region locked, unlike the DSi. I originally planned to buy an electronic dictionary there, but at around $270 they're quite expensive. I will probably buy one after I get my scholarship money in October. Plus I can use the points on my Gold Card to help pay for it! Read more »

While I wait for my laundry to dry

I made it to the 8th station of Mt. Fuji! I wish I could have made it to the top, but I became sick along the way with a bad cold. I also had problems with the atmosphere and needed to buy an oxygen tank.
In the end, I made it down safely and got some awesome pictures! Read more »

First pictures

Check out my first pictures from Japan here.
I climb Mt. Fuji tomorrow! I'm excited and kind of nervous. We have to get up and be ready by 5:30 am, so I'm going to get some sleep soon. Even though it's only 7:30 here, it feels like 11:00. Read more »