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game development

What I'm Working On

Like I said in my previous blog post, I get asked this question a lot. So what the heck- I'll show some stuff off, even though it's incomplete!


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Breaking the Cycle

Do not adjust your browser. This is not a malfunction.

This is...


Crazy! Impossible! Blasphemous!

My last blog update was in December 2012. A lot of stuff has happened since then- we got a new puppy, I worked on games, we formed a company... The usual stuff. Read more »

Toolin' around

In the year 26,000,0XX BC...

A man stands victorious over a kill.
It was a tough fight, but the prize of food was well worth the effort.
In his hand...

A blood-stained tool.

A lot has changed since then. For example, many of the modern programmer's tools aren't blood-stained! Read more »

Port ahoy!

I'm going to talk about some game development, but first...

I'm back in America!

And it's absolutely fantastic to be back. I've been back since mid-August, and I've been enjoying the company of my friends, family, and my dog. Not to mention all the great food I've been missing! Pizza costs $25 less here! What a country! Read more »