Back from Sapporo

I got back from Sapporo safely. The bus ride was long and mostly uncomfortable. The guy next to me kept falling asleep and leaning on me, and my backpack wouldn't fit in the space overhead so I had to hold it. Thankfully, some people finally got off and I was able to switch seats. I switched while the bus driver was out of the bus, and when he came back he gave me a really funny look.

Today I'm going to go to the doctor for my back issues. School starts next week, so I need to feel better for that! I've never been to a Japanese doctor before, but my prefectural advisor said that almost all of them speak excellent English. I only hope they're more competent than their American counterparts. I always hate going to the doctor, because they never actually do anything to fix whatever problem I have. Half the time they don't even know what's wrong. It's as I've thought for a long time now:

Google is a better doctor than most doctors.

You can type your symptoms in and get results in seconds. From Wikipedia entries on possible conditions to "web doctor" sites, you can quickly narrow down your problem and even search for steps to resolve it. In my case, it seems to be recommended that I stretch often and use ice and heat.

Hopefully I can get this out of the way!