WOW. I have had the busiest few weeks I've had since I got here.
We had graduation two weeks ago, and right now is Spring break! I don't get the time off though, I have to stay in the town office. It's boring, but I use the common computer for internet. My hours here are 8:30 to 4:30, so they're cutting me a little slack at least. It's too bad they can't just let me do a half day, considering there's never any work for me to do here!
Last week we had two parties- a post-graduation party and a farewell party. Some of the teachers are changing schools, including Sakamoto-sensei, an English teacher I work with. So after Spring break I'll be getting a new English teacher! I'm sad to see Sakamoto-sensei go, but excited to meet his replacement. Two of my friends from Shizunai are leaving as well, so it's a sad time.

In April, it's a time of change in Japan. In every public school, the teachers who have been there the longest leave and go to a new school. Here, the limit for staying at the same school is seven years. I think it would be awful. You'd have to uproot your entire family every few years and move to a new place. For Sakamoto-sensei, this includes taking his kids out of school. It must be so hard for everyone in the family. Just one more reason that working here kind of freaks me out! I tried asking various other teachers why this sort of system is in place, but none of them can give me an answer. I think it's "just because."

And now, some pictures! It's been getting warmer lately, but we just had a big snowstorm again. Everything's covered with ice and snow!

Snowy view of the school.


Looking down the railroad tracks.

Looking through metal grating to the ground far below. (Walking alongside the tracks.)

Beautiful view of Niikappu River.

Looking across the bridge.


Looking back towards town from the other side of the bridge.

View out to sea from the middle of the bridge.

Niikappu River.

Looking through the tunnel towards Seppu!

Rusty flag at the putt-putt-golf place.

A statue.

Those are just the highlights! You can view all the pictures I took here.

Next time, I will post pictures of graduation!


Those are beautiful views in

Those are beautiful views in the winter ^^ I like it!
Are you having new JET juniors soon?


I'm glad you like the views!
I'm the only JET in this town, so it will just be me until I go home in July. After I leave, a new JET will come to replace me. I don't think anyone else near me is only doing one year...