Busy, busy, busy

I've been really busy lately! Yesterday we were surprised to find out that we had an extra class tonight at 6:00, to which we had to bring food, preferably American. So tonight I went out to Akafudado, the local supermarket, and bought some eggs, teriyaki chicken, sliced cheese, and butter. I wish they had non-stick cooking spray here, but none of the Japanese students have heard of it. I hate scrubbing the pan after I make eggs. I made scrambled eggs with teriyaki chicken and cheese out of my ingredients. It took a while to make though, so I was a little late to class. It was okay though, since everyone liked the food I made! I got to try all sorts of Japanese bento and even some classic American food that I miss like peanut butter. I hear there's a grocery store near the local McDonald's and pachinko parlor where I can buy that.

Tonight I worked on the game I'm making with my friends for the Bunkyo Gakuin University school festival (Bunkyo-sai). We only have one more day to work on it, so we have to do our best! The other students get the day off to prepare for the festival. I wish we did, because we could use the time.

I also took a nice walk tonight around Nezu Shrine. While I was walking, the music I was listening to reminded me of the walks I would take around St. John's and made me kind of homesick. I met a man walking a cute black dog and he let me pet it. Its name was ベアトリス (Beatrice) and it really liked me. I learned the name of the dog that lives in the building across from our dorm, too. Its name is らいしゅう (Raishuu) and I always pet it when I go to school.

Wish me luck on our game for the festival!