First few days of class

I've successfully made it through my first two days of class! On my first day, I had five classes out of a possible six. It was a lot of work!
It was really entertaining though. The kids are extremely energetic, and most of them are willing to learn. My lessons were all self-introduction lessons. I would introduce myself and give various facts about me, and the students were quizzed on it.

A typical classroom in the junior high school.

I had to do a speech in front of the entire school as well. It was really awkward, and I'm terrible with microphones (the echo trips me up, even in English), so I cut about half of it out. It turned out okay though.

The school library.

Today I had my second day of classes. I did one self-introduction lesson to the remaining class, and for the other three classes I had today we did some other fairly simple lessons. One was about the phrase "How about you?," and the other two were weather vocabulary.
Some of the third-year students are especially interesting. They would ask me things like what sports I like, what games I like, and about whether or not I have a girlfriend. A lot of the students like video games, and almost all of them like anime. About one to five kids in each class said they liked Mega Man!

One of my classes!

On Sunday, I went to see the Niikappu brass band play. They were really good! They played "We Are" from the anime One Piece:

It sounded even more incredible in person, as my camera couldn't capture the full range of sound. It was a blast to watch!



Hi there. So you're one of those people who went to Japan to teach English? That must be interesting. :P

To be honest, I followed you here from one comment you made on the Mega Man Network, where you offered to record the songs from the Live Communicated Rockman event as .mp3's. Do you still have those files? If you do, I'd like to have them. :)

Thanks for your time.


Yeah, it is really interesting so far! I'm really enjoying the job, and the kids are always full of energy.

I kind of forgot about the LCR MP3s! I have the whole thing recorded already, and I just have to split them all up into their own files. I'll do it tonight and email you a link when I finish. Thanks for reminding me!


Thank you very much. :D If the whole file is not too big, you can upload that and I can do my own splitting. It's up to you. :)

What's up with the green jackets? That's the strangest school uniform I've seen yet. :P

No problem

I sent you a link via email. I'm not sure what counts as too big, but it's around 50 MB and I haven't split it up yet. Enjoy!

I'm not sure why they wear the jackets. It's always so hot, and yet they wear them anyway. It's also a bit strange in that they don't have to wear them all the time; they're free to take them off.

Link might be broken

Thanks for your time. The link doesn't work though. I get "Page not found".


My bad, it was my browser. Thanks again.

Do they have any uniforms under the jackets? Or are they free to wear whatever they want?

Glad you got it working. They

Glad you got it working.
They don't wear uniforms under their jackets; they usually wear a T-shirt or something. One of them was wearing a Mega Man T-shirt one day!
Actually, about 3 to 5 kids in each class said they like Mega Man. It just proves that Capcom didn't know what they were doing when they cancelled MML3!

Mega Man

Wow. And here they keep saying they don't get enough Japanese sales. :/

Hey Will ^^ I'm glad the kids

Hey Will ^^ I'm glad the kids are enjoying your class. Sharing interest could be the advantage for us to get along with them.