My homestay last weekend was so fun!
I stayed with Mei Fujiu and her family for four days.

Mei picked me up at the dorm and we left for the subway with Pheng and Marie, another homestay pair. We got off and had takoyaki (octopus). It was really hot!
Next we went to a beautiful park. I still had my luggage, so I felt kind of silly wheeling it around in the park.
Mei's house is a nice place. Her family was very kind and I was able to communicate with them pretty well. I presented them with my gifts: some Minnesota souvenirs and hats. They really liked them! I gave Mei's mom a nice Minnesota hand towel. It was kind of funny when I showed Mark, my roommate, the hand towel. He had gotten his host family the same one, but from a different store in a different city! Great minds think alike.
For dinner we had okonomiyaki. It was delicious! I think it's my new favorite food. Two nights ago I ate at a local okonomiyaki restaurant. This food is the best!

The next day we went to Asakusa, which has a shrine/temple area and a large shopping area. I got tons of pictures of the Kaminarimon. I tried coconut-flavored ice cream, which was interesting. It's a lot like vanilla. While shopping around I bought a nice wall scroll of one of the 36 Views of Mt. Fuji for only around $10. It's so beautiful and I can't wait to hang it in my room at home!

The third day Mei and Shun took me to another large park. It was the first time they had been there as well. I was able to get lots of pictures of ponds, trees, and all sorts of nature. It was really fun, and I think I'll be able to do my report for Senior Seminar class on this area. (Now if only I could remember the name of it.) For lunch we had gyoza, which is basically meat wrapped in dough. With soy sauce, it was fantastic! For dinner we had build-your-own-sushi at Mei's house. My favorite toppings were the eggs and the tuna.

The fourth and final day Mei's family and I went to Kamakura, where we saw the Daibutsu. There was also a large shopping district that we went to. Mei got some deep-fried chocolate and gave me and her dad each a piece. Neither of us liked it, but Mei thought it was great! Afterwards, Mei's family drove me back to the dorm on a scenic coastal route. I learned that you should protect your food on the beach, otherwise hawks steal it.

Pictures from my homestay and more will come tomorrow.