Karuizawa Trip

Two days ago we prepared to go for a long weekend trip to Karuizawa, a rural vacation area. We went on lots of excursions and got to explore a lot. During the night we played card games and board games. Some played drinking games as well, but that's not my cup of tea.

First we visited a waterfall, but it wasn't an ordinary waterfall. This one was really short and wide instead of tall. I didn't touch the water, but my friends told me it was very warm. This is caused by volcanic activity.

Next we went to a soba (type of noodle) restaurant. It is situated around a kind of nature park. The park had lots of streams and even a waterfall! Unfortunately, I lost my footing and fell in the water, totally soaking my camera. I've been drying it out by keeping it in a bowl of rice, which absorbs the moisture from it. Hopefully it will work! Otherwise I'll have to go shopping for a camera at Akihabara.