Longing for internet

It's Monday, and I just got in to work! I forgot to shave though... I guess I'll do that during my lunch break. Today, like the past few days, I woke up with searing back pain. I wish it would go away! Yesterday was a lot of fun though.
Yesterday I explored Niikappu on my rusty bike. It was really fun! I went on a path behind the town office and it lead me around the back of the town. I met two people walking their dogs there. I went down some gravel path after that and saw what I assume is Niikappu river. It was flowing surprisingly fast, so I didn't get very close. I don't want to lose my camera like I did last time! I wanted to go further on the trail, but there was a patch of mud that looked impossible to get through on this old bike. So instead, I turned around and toured the rest of the town- the junior high school, the elementary school, the sports center, the fire station, and finally the Record Museum.

I stopped at the Record Museum to use the internet. I really miss that at my apartment! I occasionally leech from one of the many unsecured networks around me, but I'd feel guilty if I used them too much. It's hard to believe that I might still be without internet for the next 10 days. I hope we can get it set up as soon as possible. I really wish I had it at my desk at work, too. Unfortunately, my computer here has no way to connect (or so they tell me). So, I'm reduced to just studying Japanese on it. It's not so bad, but doing it from 8 to 4 is a little too much for me. I found a few programs to help me study kanji. One of them lets me actually write out the kanji with my mouse. I have both the laptop mouse and a USB mouse, but both of them really suck. I think the USB mouse is just slightly better, so I'll keep trying to use that for now. It feels really jittery, and no amount of tweaking the settings helps it at all.

I actually forgot when I'm supposed to leave work... Was it 4:00 or 4:30...? I guess I'll have to find out later.