A new adventure

Well, the day has finally arrived. I'm in a Chicago hotel tonight, about to fly out to Tokyo tomorrow for JET program orientation!
I'll be teaching English for the next year in Niikappu-cho, Hokkaido. From what I've been able to learn so far about the place, it's a small town of about 6000 people. It's famous for race horce breeding, is close to a ski resort, and has a record museum (you know, those circular black things).

I'm excited to get there and get settled in to my new job and living arrangements. I bought a TV from my predecessor, who was there for three years. Fortunately, I'll have some form of internet there, so I'll be able to stay fully connected as I write my new daily blog. That's right, daily. I'll be blogging about my new adventures in rural Japan every day, as long as I'm not too busy!

Of course, I still intend to continue working on my games. I'm currently working on a new game engine that'll be able to better handle both 2D and 3D drawing. Until then, I'll still have this old 2D engine lying around...

So I decided to make a game with it!

I haven't decided on a title yet, but I can guarantee some quality 2D side-scrolling action, with an 80% chance of RPG. Fun times lie ahead for all!


The TV

Hope that's a digital TV! Analog TV is done as of noon Sunday the 24th in Japan. Maybe they have digital converters if it isn't a DTV.

Patrick Tice


Yes, it's a really nice digital TV. It works great for watching stuff using my laptop!


Hey Will, it's me, Pana!
It's been a long time since I visited your blog. I think the last time was during our stay in Bunkyo. lol
I'm so happy that you're able to visit Japan again and this time you went there for work!
I knew about JET programme and I was thinking of applying next year but currently they don't offer the post for Malaysian T_T, and that upset me a lot!
I'm sure you'll love Hokkaido weather and the ruralness it has to offer you.
Please write everyday, I like to read your experience there ^^
じゃ、がんばってね ウィール!

Hi Pana!

Hi, good to hear from you!
Thanks for visiting and reading. I want to update every day, but I don't have internet at my apartment yet so I have to do it at work. Once I get internet at home I can upload pictures! :D