New bike and weekend festival

Today I overslept and was a few minutes late for work! It turned out okay though.
I went to Shizunai on Saturday and bought a new bike! It's been working great so far, a lot better than the old rusty one. I intended to go to Shizunai by bus, but I accidentally waited at the old bus stop. While I was waiting for the bus that wasn't coming, a really nice old man named Yukihiro, who I had briefly met in the Record Museum just minutes before, handed me a drink and offered me a ride. So we both went to Shizunai and went to the Homac store, where they had a decent selection of bikes. I chose one that's easy to get on, has front and rear fenders, a basket, a bell, and even a self-powered light on the front. All for about $200! In America, you would have to pay extra for even something as simple as a kickstand.

After that, we went back and I visited his house for a while and watched a horce race on TV. He used to be a jockey, and on the wall there were pictures of him racing. He told me that there was going to be a festival later and showed me where it would be. It was in a vacant area in front of the train station. So at about 5:45 I went to the festival. I'm not sure what the festival's occasion was, but I think it had something to do with vegetables. I met Yukihiro again there and we talked for a while with some people he knew. One couple had a really nice dog that they let me hold. He was really scared of all the people at the festival, but he took it well!

On Sunday, I took it really easy. I woke up at noon, took a leisurely bath, and spent the rest of the day playing video games. I've been playing the Mega Man Zero series. I forgot how hard those games are!

I also outlined a schedule for working on my game yesterday. If it's accurate, I might be finished working on it by mid-October. Well, we'll see how it goes! First I'll be making a new map editor and object editor for this game. My last ones are really old ones made with Allegro. They were always a pain to edit and maintain because of Allegro's terrible dialog boxes. Hopefully they've fixed that in Allegro 5.


Will, did you have to fill a

Will, did you have to fill a form, some kind of bicycle licence when you bought it?
Bc my friend did and she's a student. I wonder if it only applies to students.

No, I didn't have to. I just

No, I didn't have to.
I just went to Homac and bought it. There weren't any papers to sign or anything, so it was really easy!