Niikappu Arrival

It's been an exciting two days so far here in Niikappu.
After Tokyo orientation, I flew to New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, where my supervisor Minato-san and coworker Yoshida-san picked me up. It was only about an hour by car to Niikappu. When we arrived, there was a sign above the road with horses on it that proudly said "Welcome to Niikappu." The town is very nice. There's a 7-11, some other convenience stores, and lots of ramen and sushi restaurants. I ate at a restaurant named Marukoshi Ramen (丸越ラーメン). I had the miso pork ramen for 650円, and it was really good. It was way too hot though, so I had to wait for it to cool down a bit. The owner/chef was very kind and we had a nice conversation.

Unfortunately, my internet situation has not improved, and I doubt I'll be able to do anything about it until I get my "gaijin card." It seems like it'll take until about August 10 to arrive. On the plus side, I can use the internet periodically at work as well as at the Record Museum. I haven't taken many pictures, but I hope to soon. I might go to the Sports Center tonight and play badminton, but I'm not sure.

My apartment is a nice place. It has a main room/kitchen, a laundry room, a shower room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and an unused-at-the-moment tatami room. I'm still in the process of getting settled in. It's always either too hot or I'm too tired, so I don't unpack. I have just one suitcase to go! It doesn't have air conditioning, but there are two fans that I use almost constantly. The TV works great when I connect it with my laptop. Otherwise, I have about 7 channels. I'm able to watch a lot of various videos with my computer, although without internet I'll run dry soon. Hopefully my parents have sent my external hard drives over! Supposedly One Piece airs tonight at 9:30. I'm going to try and figure out which channel it's on.

Until school starts, I work in the town hall (役場). I don't really do anything here, though. I just kind of sit here and do what I want. My computer, for whatever reason, doesn't have internet access, but I can use the computer behind me periodically. My desk is full of interesting things, most of which I can't read and will probably never use. There's also a can of what my coworkers tell me is bear meat. You can hear it sloshing around in there. I asked my coworkers why it was there, and apparently they can neither throw it away nor eat it, so it resides in my desk. I have a letter opener, an electronic stapler, and a pencil sharpener. Fortunately, I brought a flash drive, so I can write my blog on this computer and then upload it using the computer behind me. I also have the English textbooks for the elementary and junior high schools as well as a town map. I have to cover my tattoo at work, so it's a good thing I got this Tat-Jacket. It's kind of stupid that they have their logo on the sleeve though; it defeats the purpose of it just a little bit.

I think school starts on August 25, and I have Sapporo orientation on the 13th or something. I'm not enthused about having another two days of orientation. Weren't the last two days enough? Why do they have to be separate? Hopefully I'll at least get to explore Sapporo a bit.

Tonight if I'm not too tired I plan on finishing the unpacking and perhaps working a bit on my new game. There's actually not much to do without internet. I'd really like to check up on Gizmodo, Kotaku, and the Mega Man Legends 3 Cancellation Debacle, but I don't think I can do it at work. The computer I use for internet access here is facing all of my coworkers. Hopefully I can visit the Record Museum (which is, oddly enough, the center of the town) and catch up on all that tonight. Maybe I can even read some manga.

Well, only half an hour of work left today. Looking forward to getting away from the desk!


You'll have a month before

You'll have a month before school starts? I guess it's natsu yasumi? Is it hot in Hokkaido? as it always known for chill weather and a best spot for skiing.
I think they just have to follow the procedure by having the orientation twice. Once at the HQ, another one at the branch. Hokkaido JET might be different from other JETs. Well, it's just my assumption. hehe


Yeah, right now it's natsu

Yeah, right now it's natsu yasumi. I think it's a little hot here, but I'm sure it's nothing like Malaysia! Today it's cloudy and cool though, which is nice.
I just hope Sapporo orientation isn't boring! :)