Nikko Field Trip

Over the weekend we went on a field trip to Nikko, a tourist town in the mountains. We left on Sunday morning and returned on Monday evening. We stayed in a nice place called Nikko Park Lodge. The train ride was really long! It was my first time riding a rapid train. It skips all the normal stops and only stops at major stations. It's really difficult to keep your balance, because the train rocks back and forth quickly sometimes. I wouldn't recommend using the train's bathroom!

When we arrived, we got to explore some cool temples, and then the main street of downtown Nikko. I got a really great picture of a bridge that looks like it could be on a postcard. A lot of flowers line the streets of Nikko, and they were fun too look at. There were lots of shops advertising their various curios, and they were fun to look at. I got my Christmas shopping done there! For lunch we went to a restaurant called ガストSKYLARK (Gust Skylark) and had the ガストキングバーガー (Gust King Burger). It was fantastic, and I told my friends we should go there again. After some time exploring, we game back to downtown Nikko and had しゃぶしゃぶ (shabu shabu). It was really good, and there was no time limit, so we could eat as much as we wanted!

Nikko Bridge: An ancient bridge at Nikko, Japan.Nikko Bridge: An ancient bridge at Nikko, Japan.

After we ate until the point of exploding, we headed back to Nikko Park Lodge and relaxed. I listened to my friends play the guitar, I played my DS and some card games, and I took a walk around the neighborhood with Brandon, our resident Canadian. Our room kind of sucked compared to the others, but it was only a one-night stay, so it was alright. In the morning, we woke up to a nice breakfast made by our French hosts. After eating, we took a bus up a mountain to see Lake Kegon and a cool waterfall. I was able to take lots of great pictures!

I forgot my money in my backpack, but Brandon was able to lend me some. (Canadians are so nice!) On Lake Kegon there were many docks where you could rent swan boats, just like in Ueno Park. Brandon and I rented one and we met a lot of our other friends, who had already rented boats, out on the lake. We had a great time racing, chasing, and ramming (but don't tell the owner!). Afterward, we headed back to Gust Skylark and had another great meal. I went all-out and had some creamy egg carbonara, all-you-can-drink soda (only ¥200!), and a banana-chocolate sundae for dessert. Once we were full, we headed back to Tokyo on the train.

Once we got back, I headed to Mary Jane's Bakery (across the street from Seven Eleven) for a small dinner while the others went back to the dorm. On my way there, I saw what I thought I'd never see: a collision between a Japanese bicyclist and a pedestrian. They argued for a while, and I deduced that the bicyclist was probably drunk.
Their exchange went something like this:
"What do you think you're doing?!"
"You got in my way!"
And so forth. It ended with the bicyclist riding away and the pedestrian calling him a ばかやろ (dumbass), so it was a pretty interesting and unusual thing to see in Japan.

On a lighter note, I tried Dr. Pepper for the first time. I like its mild cherry taste. I can't believe I never had it in America. Go figure.


Dr. Pepper sucks

That picture of the bridge is beautiful!
I'm so super jealous...