Pictures and website update!

Hi everyone! I finally got around to getting my pictures off my camera and uploading them. I also updated the website; there's a new share button as well as improved commenting.

This is my side of the duplex. As you can see, I have all the modern conveniences of a door, mail slot, windows, and garbage can. You can also see "rusty" out in front! This was taken before I got my new bike.

Here's the inside.

And from the other direction. The far room is unused.

This is my bedroom. I have my computer set up in the main room instead of this room because the TV is in the main room.

The laundry room, complete with shower, bath, washer, dryer, and water heater.

This is the entryway, where you keep your shoes. The bathroom is also off to the right.

This is Marukoshi Ramen.

And this is their ramen! Delicious~! It was my first time eating naruto (the pink and white thing in there). Apparently, it's made from some kind of fish.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'm taking more every day!


Cool pictures, Will! Really

Cool pictures, Will!
Really interesting stuff; keep it up! :)

Thanks! I'm looking forward

Thanks! I'm looking forward to putting more pictures on here, especially once school starts!

Will, your house is nice!!

Will, your house is nice!! that naruto is a fishcake and it's called so bc it looks like spiral.
your ramen oishisou!!!

Thank you! I like the house a

Thank you! I like the house a lot so far. It's really comfortable, and the rent is cheap! I'm still not quite sure how much I actually pay for it though. :)

More pix

We love the photos and want more !!! MOM

Sure thing!

Definitely! I'm going to take some more this weekend.