Sumo, Shrine Festival, and Square Enix

Last week we went to a large arena to watch sumo wrestlers battle each other!
I got lots of amazing pictures, which I'll put online tomorrow. Although we were in the nosebleed section, the seats were comfortable and we were able to see all the action. I would much rather be up in the balcony than down by the arena. During one of the fights both of the wrestlers fell out of the ring and into the lap of some old guy sitting by the ring. It must have been quite a shock, as he began fanning himself intensely.
During the matches I went to get some yakitori and Canada Dry. I'm glad Canada Dry is popular here, I love the stuff!

Last night we carried a shrine around the block as part of the Nezu Shrine festival. On the Wikipedia article you can see people carrying it like we did. It was heavy as hell and I bruised both of my shoulders, but the okonomiyaki I bought afterward made it all worthwhile. I took some great pictures, which I'll put online tomorrow.

A couple nights ago we went to a kaitenzushi restaurant. It was my first experience with such a high-tech restaurant! You could order what you wanted on a touch-screen. If you ordered food, it would come by on the conveyor belt. If you ordered a drink, a waiter would come and give it to you. (I ordered Canada Dry, naturally.) Each plate on the conveyor belt was ?100, so it was pretty cheap per plate. Overall it was a bit expensive and the total came to about ?1200, but it was totally worth it.

Today we went to the Square Enix store in Shinjuku. I bought a small keyblade keychain from Kingdom Hearts. I was really surprised at some of the prices! They had $50 shirts and a $70 hat. The coolest part of the store by far was the floor. The floor had a glass opening through which you could see a life size replica of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. It was nothing short of epic. The Sephiroth figurines were also quite amusing. Their swords were too long for the display case and poked out a little. They also had Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater merchandise, as well as Dragon Quest.
After leaving, we searched for a place to eat. We found a bar/restaurant that looked good and we ordered some food. It was insanely overpriced and it wasn't filling at all, so we walked straight from there to the Burger King across the plaza after we finished. It was my first time eating at a Burger King. The cashier spoke perfect English, and I ordered a single burger with bacon set. It came with onion rings and my favorite, Canada Dry. It was fantastic! Afterwards, I ordered a small chocolate sundae, which was also very nice.

Tomorrow is Eric's birthday, so we're going out for shabu-shabu to celebrate. I've never had it before, so it should be quite fun!
On Tuesday we're planning to order Domino's. I hear their pizza is much better here than in America!