An update?!

I've been so busy lately that I haven't really had time to update my blog.
I did a lot in the last month! There was a festival at the shrine in Shizunai, and I went to it with some of the teachers. The official reason was to keep any students from getting rowdy or staying out too late, but there weren't any of our students there so I just had fun.

There was also the school festival, which was absolutely amazing! Each and every student put 120% into preparing for it. They put on plays, made newspapers and wonderful artwork, and sang songs that they had been practicing. Some of the students are in bands, and they also played for everyone. It was a really interesting experience! Some of the teachers had the bright idea that all the teachers should get up on the stage and dance, but they didn't count on half of us being absolutely awful at dancing (myself included). So those of us who weren't dance dance revolutionaries had to go on with pom-poms and do a really simple dance. I don't think it turned out too badly, but I don't think it looked very good either! Either way, the students got a kick out of it and that's all that matters.

I just had my parents over for a week, which was really fun. They rented a car, so I got to go to a bunch of places I couldn't go otherwise! We drove up a mountain and got some pretty nice views. They also helped spruce my pad up a little. The previously unused room is now some kind of lounge room with a bed on the floor. My parents also helped me adjust my bike. I had the seat way too low, and I never really noticed. It's a lot easier to ride now!
I also ordered a new front wheel for my bike, one that has an electric assist motor. It works great except for the fact that it doesn't fit my bike. The forks on the bike that hold the axle are slightly too narrow, and I need professional help to file it just enough to fit the wheel, but not too much or it'll break. One of my JTEs is helping me with it, and he's being a real good sport about it. The wheel is in the trunk of his car right now. He helped me bring it to one bike shop already, but the senile old man running it had no idea how to put it on, or what the problem was. He tried to put it in with a hammer, so it's really no wonder he couldn't get it to work. Next we'll try a bike shop in Shizunai, probably. If we can't get that to work, we'll just bring it to a car mechanic and have him drill the thing until it's wide enough or broken, in which case I'll need a new bike.

And here's a new art piece!


"Going up?"

It was rendered, as usual, with Blender 2.49. I still can't get used to the new layout of 2.5, so I'm stuck with the old one for now. I can handle incremental changes, but when they go and literally change everything, it just makes it impossible to use.
Some post production was done in Photoshop.

Tonight as usual I'll be working on my new game engine. 3927 lines and counting!



A most excellent post----what a great time you are having !! Thanks for letting us be a part of it--we LOVED our visit with you in Niikappu. MOM