Even though it's the weekend, I honestly didn't do very much today. I'm leeching off of some unsecured wireless network to post this. It's actually pretty fast, so it must be close. I can't wait until I get my own internet... This morning, I was still really tired from playing badminton last night. Badminton was really fun! I went over to the sports center and played with some teachers and locals. There were some students playing as well. They were all way better than me, especially the teachers. They look like pros! I never knew the birdie could move so fast. The gym area was divided into an upper and lower level. Badminton and volleyball were on the lower level, while kendo (Japanese sword fighting) was on the upper level. They all take their respective sports very seriously!

Today I rested and watched a couple movies. I was having a little back trouble, so I took it easy most of the day. Fortunately, I had some 7-11 gyoza in the fridge that I ate for lunch. Still no internet, so I went outside(!) and walked around for a bit. I visited a shrine, but it was closed. I hope I can go there when it's open sometime. On my way back, I met a friendly white dog by the sidewalk. I wonder what its name is? I also saw some people using fireworks. I didn't know they were popular here. Tonight some Transformers movie was on TV. It was a Japanese dub, but it was still pretty easy to understand. Now the news is on. It looks like there was some flooding in Niigata-ken that resulted in a lot of damage. I hope they can recover soon!

Tonight I'm working on my new game. It's a few minutes past midnight, so I'll probably go to bed soon. Tomorrow if my back doesn't hurt I'm going to go out early and take some pictures! I think the couch might be making my back hurt...


I remember we played with a

I remember we played with a dog nearby our dormitory. I know you enjoy dogs as much as I enjoy cats!
Have you made friends with the locals yet? Village folks are sure friendly ^^

p/s. Will, how is it possible for me to have your reply notificication into my mailbox? And it says there my name is anon.


I'm not sure how to do that

I'm not sure how to do that yet, but I'll do some research on it today. I know some websites let you do it, so I'll figure out how!
I'm starting to make some friends around here. All the kids are kind of shy, but some of them talk to me. My coworkers are really friendly too! I'm looking forward to partying with them sometime. :)