Working hard? Or...

Today at work they gave me a new notebook. Previously, I had been using post-it notes to take Japanese notes on. It looks like a kid's notebook, and on the front is written "A Good Kid's Notebook" (よい子のノート). Even so, I'm happy to get something to take notes with! It's a lot better than post-its, which clutter up the place. In my opinion, it's better than the computer as well, because it's sometimes hard to read kanji depending on the font and size of the text.

I started bringing in my flash drive to work, and I've been working on graphics for my new game. Here's one that I just finished today, animated for your viewing pleasure:

plant monster attack animation

You might be wondering about the pink color. It's actually the mask color I use (255R, 0G, 255B). In the game, it will be transparent.

Also, I got my seal today (印鑑)! It's really cool to see it. I'll take a picture and put it online once I get internet at home. Unfortunately, I've been told that it could take up to another 10 days to get internet. There's plenty to do without it though!


good kid

I always knew that you were a "good kid" and now you have the notebook to prove it ! LOL MOM

Not only your hanko, do

Not only your hanko, do upload the yoiko no noto too!


I'll put some pictures here

I'll put some pictures here soon!