Yakuba-free Vacation - Day 1

I'm so glad I'm able to get out of the yakuba (town office) and take some vacation!

I took some time to collect myself, relax, and do some sightseeing in Shizunai. I went there by bike, went down a random street, and it just went on from there!

View from the random road I took. It's a very steep hill.

Ocean and town in the distance.

More ocean and town.

Houses on the hill.

No idea what this is!

Town on the hill!

The highest point I went to in town. It's all downhill from here!

Another view from the high area. You can see mountains in the background.


Creative bus stop graffiti. At least someone is studying English!

Halfway down the hill. I walked both up and down the hill with my bicycle, because it was too steep to ride up and too dangerous to ride down.

Halfway down. You can see the town at the bottom.

It's steeper than it looks! Plus my brakes aren't that good.

And here's some random shots of the town.

Yours truly! I can finally be in a picture!

After my bike ride I did some shopping.

Gotta cover my bascket.

I saw this in the store and had to pick it up! It's Mega Man Soccer, and it was only about $2. The game is notorious for being very bad and being unfinished. Which means I love it!
I also picked up Mega Man X5 for PC. I'm turning into a collector!

What better way to end a three-hour bike ride with delicious Hokkaido ramen!

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures. I'll be blogging every day of my vacation, so stay tuned!


It looks like a dead

It looks like a dead town!
There's not a single human being found in your photos,
or you waited for them to go away and then you pressed the shutter?
Hahaha, 'bascket'.

There's one person in the

There's one person in the first picture, all the way on the left. He's pushing his bike up the hill!
Up on the hill there weren't too many people, but I met a guy walking his dog. Down in the town there are people driving around, walking, and biking, but it's not very busy.
I think a lot of people were probably at work!

Nice photos!

I see you still have a bit of snow there. It sure looks a lot like a typical "Minnesota March" where you are, but back here in MN we have been having weather much more like May or June! Anyway, I am glad to see that the roads are clear so you can get around on the bike, and obviously it is not too cold.

Take lots of photos on your adventures!

Yeah, it's in the 50s now and

Yeah, it's in the 50s now and it's a nice change. Talk to you on Sunday morning!