Yakuba-free Vacation - Day 4

I had a lot of fun today. About a week ago, I had asked Junichi, a cashier who works at 7-11, if he wanted to do something together the next weekend.
I had drinks or dinner or some other form of socialization in mind, but instead we made a little road trip to Tomakomai! Tomakomai is the largest city in these parts before you get to Sapporo. It's got lots of tall buildings and shopping centers and all sorts of fun stuff!
First, we went to a restaurant called びっくりドンキー, which literally means "Surprised Donkey." The restaurant is made of recycled materials, and mainly serves hamburg. What is hamburg, you ask? Hamburg is essentially a hamburger, but cooked a little differently and served without a bun. It's technically a salisbury steak.
And man, was it delicious!

Bikkuri Donkey.

Giant menu!

Mouthwateringly delicious hamburg.

My friend Junichi!

So after lunch, we went to the greatest store on the planet. It's named something that amounts to "The Treasure House." I knew it would be a great place the moment I laid eyes on it:

Check that out! It's got a giant dinosaur erupting out the top of it!
And I was right to think that. It's full of amazing stuff, including...

Retro games...

More retro games...

And even more retro games!

It also had a large manga section, figure section, and even clothes, music, and adult movie sections!

I wonder why nobody wants Mega Man Soccer?

They also had a surprisingly large amount of Magic cards for sale. Each pack is 210 yen (about $3) and includes 30 random cards, so it's quite the deal!

I got one for myself. I might get a few more next time I go, as gifts for when I go home. They're all English, so they're quite usable in America!

I didn't come out of the store empty-handed. I picked up a Super Famicom, Mega Man X, X2, X3, Mega Man 7, Mega Man and Bass, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma!

The prices weren't half bad either.

  • Mega Man X: 700 yen
  • Mega Man X2: 1100 yen
  • Mega Man X3: 1300 yen
  • Mega Man and Bass: 1300 yen
  • Mega Man 7: 700 yen
  • Soul Blazer: 500 yen
  • Illusion of Gaia: 1100 yen
  • Terranigma: 1300 yen
  • Super Famicom: 4525 yen
    In total, I spent something like $140 for all of it. Which is really a steal, considering that the English version of Mega Man X2 alone is worth $170 or more! I'm happy I could find them all in one place, games I had always wanted to have.

    After that, we went to an arcade!

    Cat's Eye arcade.

    Naturally, there were people there who were way too good at the games they were playing. (Videos are kind of loud.)

    After the arcade, I was exhausted from all the eating, shopping, and walking around. We headed back home, and unfortunately I was too tired to go to karaoke or do anything afterward, so Junichi dropped me off back at my house. Hopefully we'll be able to get together again soon!