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First pictures

Check out my first pictures from Japan here.
I climb Mt. Fuji tomorrow! I'm excited and kind of nervous. We have to get up and be ready by 5:30 am, so I'm going to get some sleep soon. Even though it's only 7:30 here, it feels like 11:00. Read more »

First night

I'm really glad I packed a small travel pillow. The pillows at the Bunkyo Gakuin University dorm are small and filled with beads.
The dorm is nice, and it's right in the heart of Tokyo. We have two refrigerators and a nice kitchen. The bathrooms are quite nice as well. The toilets have all sorts of buttons on them, some of which are quite interesting.
It's 5:55 am here. I don't think I've been up this early in years! Today we have orientation and we need to wear a business casual outfit. It should be fun!

Hello from Tokyo!

I made it off that long flight and I'm settled in at a Radisson in Tokyo.
It was my first flight, but it was easier than I expected. I can't believe we got two meals and a snack!

Going to Japan

Today I make the 13-hour journey to Tokyo, Japan from Minneapolis, MN!
I'll be studying abroad for the Fall semester and I'll return in December. I'll post lots of pictures every day!


I added a new wallpaper to my art section.
It's available in widescreen. Go check it out!

"Access Denied" fixed

The "Access Denied" error is fixed and the art and photo galleries should be viewable now.

Blog started

I've also started a blog, which I'll try to update every day in Japan.
Enjoy the new website!

New website online!

I upgraded my website to use Drupal. This makes it a lot easier to update and lets me really categorize my art and photography!
I've uploaded some abstract art and some recent photos to test out my new galleries. I'll be in Tokyo in less than a week, so I'll have lots more photos soon!